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Trust me when I say, I have found myself in the grips of grief's raging storm; and it feels like it will last forever.   

If grief support is something that has been ringing in your heart, I encourage you invest in yourself - begin to move forward.

I am a certified Grief Coach and facilitator for the GriefShare Program, trained and mentored by Dr. W. Norman Wright, Grief and Trauma Specialist. I continue to work under his auspices. I am also a funeral celebrant. Most importantly, I am a fellow griever.    

If you have lost a loved one, climb aboard my "Lifeboat" and we will go ashore together. 

Grief Care for the Bereaved

A coach is a companion for the journey. Someone to encourage you, support you, challenge you and hold you accountable.   

As your coach, I will partner with you to create a sacred space for moving from where you are to where you want to be.    

My hope is that this message will sail into the lives of those who are shipwrecked by grief. Contact me below to schedule your sessions. Available virtually everywhere.  


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